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just some young broad.

So very lost she is. So am I…i guess,. but I see in her the energy. The thrill. The attention that she values a bit more than the addiction. When coupled, the combination is detrimental. Of course she doesn’t see..i don’t think she can.
She loses herself in sour glasses of gin. Enveloped in clouds of loud smoke. Accepting whisky scented lust from strangers in bar bathroom stalls. Cheap. A distortion of what love should be..of what life should be..of what she should be. She…so unaware of her worth. The potential that she represents. lost, she may be, but don’t judge her though. I don’t.
Take pride girl. Greatness isn’t so far away. Take heart girl. Let me show you..that glory lives in your kiss. I’m crowned beneath your touch. Yeah,..there should be a throne for us. If only you’d take your place..at my side..as my equal.
Grow up girl. Take my hand and honor me as i would you. So lost is this girl. A small part of my misplaced attraction, I’ll admit. But what i see in her i sometimes see within myself. The energy. The thrill. The addiction.

-Joshua Collins